What is Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl

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There are so many tools and sheets used today to create shirt designs, and one of the best is a flocked heat transfer vinyl. If you are a college student and want to make some extra bucks for yourself, you can do so by using this sheet to create beautiful designs on T-shirts. But what is a flocked heat transfer vinyl?

What is a Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl?

This sheet is ideal for inputting designs on your fashion works. They give an added dimension to your clothes. A flocked design will have a soft, textured feel similar to what an embroidered design will give you but only better. This makes it a very useful sheet for cresting designs on attires.

Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl is perfect for a vintage look, and today, there are so many brands that sell this type of vinyl. You can create single layers on shirts or multi-layered designs.  And the good news is that the designs will not clean off once they are dried. Furthermore, the sheets can work with a wide range of colors, so you are not limited to your use of colors that suit your design ideas.

Better than Embroidery

Flocked Heat transfer vinyl designs are better than embroidery. Moreover, you can use a heat press machine along with the flocked vinyl to create different types of designs, which is something most embroidery sheets cannot do. With this tool, you can give your logos and texts a suede-like look. It will also interest you to know that you can use it on bags, caps, and garments too.

Flocked Heat transfer vs. smooth heat transfer

Many people confuse both, but they are not the same. Fair enough, they are both heat transfer sheets but with a difference. While flocked vinyl creates a fuzzier design with detailed dimensions, smooth vinyl creates a flat and smooth design on attires. So if you want your designs to be thicker and firmer, a flocked vinyl is what you need. However, if you want your designs to be flat and perfectly aligned with the attire, you should use smooth vinyl instead. While smooth vinyl is delicate, flocked is much tougher.

Types of surfaces ideal for Flocked Vinyl

A flocked heat transfer vinyl is ideal for creating designs on different surfaces. They are great for kids’ clothing and for imprinting logos on uniforms too. They are also fabulous for sports wears, caps, and hoodies. They are also great on T-shirts as well. In a nutshell, these are materials that work well with a flocked heat transfer vinyl.

  • Poly cotton blends
  • 100% cotton
  • Leather
  • 100% polyester

Any of these materials will work well with your flocked heat transfer vinyl, and your designs and logos will pop out just right.

However, not every flocked vinyl is durable and reliable, so you need to be quite picky when making your selection if you want your creations to be perfect.

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