Xyron Creative Station Review

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Xyron Creative StationThe Xyron Creative Station is a versatile, all-in-one crafting machine that can be used for designing and cutting various types of materials. Whether you’re a crafter who enjoys making custom-made designs or you are a professional who wants to add another machine to your portfolio, this is definitely an option that you should be considering.

Xyron Creative Station Features

The Xyron Creative Station is a compact crafting machine that can be use for everything from making stickers to magnets; you can even use it as a laminator! It offers a range of features and is easy enough to use that even the most novice crafters will be able to master it in no time.

Some of the most notable features of the Xyron Creative Station include the following:

  • Three crafting modes; it can be used as a sticker maker, a magnet maker, or a laminator.
  • Hand-crank operation; instead of running on batteries or electricity, simply crank the handles on the side of the unit to create your projects.
  • Dual cartridge sizes, including a nine inch cartridge and a five inch cartridge
  • Comes complete with a 25 foot by 9 inch permanent adhesive cartridge
  • It can accept laminate and magnet refills, and they’re easy to load
  • Extremely versatile, as it can be used to create a wide variety of projects
  • Edge-to-edge application of adhesive provides full-coverage, yet doesn’t over spray so your items will be strong and durable
  • Constructed of durable, yet lightweight plastic
  • Compact size; weighs just 4.8 pounds and measures 13.8 inches by 6 inches by 7 inches, so you can easily transport it and use it virtually anywhere you please


The Xyron Creative Station is a handy, versatile, and easy to use crafting machine that can be used to make a wide assortment of projects. Thanks to the thoughtful design, it’s easy to use, and it produces high-quality, long lasting results. In addition to these benefits, some of the other advantages that the Xyron Creative Station offers include the following:

  • It’s lightweight and compact, so you can easily transport it to create crafts wherever you please.
  • It doesn’t run on electricity or batteries, which means no heat; instead, it’s powered by an easy to operate hand crank. No batteries means no burns and no damage to the materials you’re working with.
  • It’s pre-loaded with a 25 foot roll of permanent adhesive, so you can start using it to create projects right out of the box.
  • It comes fully assembled; no complex assembly required.
  • It comes with both a 5 inch and a 9 inch cartridge, so you can use it to make projects of all shapes and sizes.
  • It applies edge-to-edge adhesive for exceptional durability, yet it doesn’t over-apply the material, so you aren’t left with a sticky mess.
  • Loading refills is a breeze; just open up the machine, drop them in, and you’re ready to go.
  • The Xyron adhesive and laminate are non-toxic and acid-free, which means that they are eco-friendly, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you aren’t damaging the environment.
  • Extremely versatile; use it to make stickers, magnets, or to laminate any flat items. It can make cards, invitations, flash cards, labels, stickers, and so much more.
  • It’s very affordably priced; in fact, it’s one of the most budget-friendly craft machines on the market.
  • It’s so easy to use that even children and beginning crafters can figure out how to master it in no time.


While the Xyron Creative Station does offer a wide-range of benefits, there are a few downsides that should be noted. Just like anything else you purchase, it’s important to be aware of any issues that may arise so that you can determine if it’s the right product for your specific needs.

  • While the machine is lightweight, which is great for portability, some users noted that it did move around a bit while they were operating it. You can remedy the problem by holding one hand on top of it while you crank the handle.
  • Some customers said that they had issues with the lamination, stating that it tended to wrinkle a bit. To avoid problems, simply roll out the material prior to use.


Our verdict of the Xyron Creative Station: We give it two big thumbs up. This machine is highly versatile, easy to use, affordable, and compact, making it the perfect addition to any crafter or professional’s collection of supplies.

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